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April Melvin

Our Mission is to keep Manitou Springs from becoming the only community to allow recreational marijuana sales in the area, and to keep the Manitou Springs name free from negative publicity.

Vote YES on 2G Don't let Manitou go to pot!

Vote Yes on 2G

1. Family-Friendly Destination: Manitou Springs is a family-friendly destination dependent on traditional tourism.

2. Manitou’s Image: Retail marijuana sales will change the image of Manitou and directly impact the local economy.

3. Improvements Over the Years Going in Reverse: Manitou has made huge improvements the past decade and as a result we have seen increased property value and sales tax revenue. This will reverse if families choose not to visit the area because of retail marijuana.

4. Financial Impact to the School District: A large percentage of students attending District 14 schools are “Choice” students. If their parents choose to have them go elsewhere, their state and federal money will go with them.

5. Marijuana is Still Federally Illegal: This is illegal federally and with eventual new administration, the federal choice to not enforce laws may change.

6. Increase in panhandlers: Panhandling will increase dramatically in the downtown area, further hurting the business area.

7. Crime Will Follow a Cash Only Drug Business: This is a cash business. A cash only business dealing with drugs will bring crime with it.